I asked for wisdom when I was confounded—I asked for joy when I felt sad—I asked for hope when I felt hopeless—I asked for salvation when I was lost—Jesus heard my prayers—and I knew—Jesus is the Way—the Truth—and the Life





Possibly, one of the most difficult questions today is, why would anyone run for the office of President of the United States?  There has to be a reason or reasons anyone would do it. The reasons have to be many or strong, to make anyone put themselves through the hell that is the American presidential  campaign.  No one would do it for the  joy of it.  There is no joy in it.  What is the motivation?  Is it power?  Could be.  Our President is the leader of the free world.  Is it money?  Probably not.  Most candidates today are multi-millionaires, and don’t need the money

What’s the motivation?  Is it to gain respect?  Certainly not.  Running for President is the surest way of losing the respect of not only Americans, but the rest of the world as well.  Running for President is the surest way of having enemies that never thought of being an enemy until they could have their moment in the spotlight.  Dirt is dug up, mud is thrown, whether real or imagined, makes no difference, as long as it hits the target and does the intended damage.  Truth can find no place, its carefully hidden under agendas that become more important than truth.

What is the purpose of the election anyway?  We must have a leader, if not chaos would rule.  That may be the sole reason.   What does a leader do today, other than serve the interest of others who had a purpose in getting their choice elected.  The leader, who has been destroyed from the inside out, is so mistrusted and despised by the general population that he/she is powerless without the support of the special  interest of others being served.  Why would any sane person let themselves be put in a position of such disgust propagated by a bias news organization  that uses their power to build up and destroy whomever they wish.  Report of the news has been forsaken for the promotion of opinion and special interest.

Everyone knows our system has degraded to the level of laughing-stock.  Debates are judged on  the basis of who punched the other hardest, who dodged the best, who looked tired, or who said the right thing at the right time, no matter the issue or previous stand.  One can apologize for not being perfect, which is a no, no, or simply say I didn’t see it that way, or forgot, which is acceptable.  You wouldn’t think it would work, but it does. The public is treated by the news media and the candidates as being, for a lack of a better word, dumb.    Individually, the public is not dumb.  Collectively, the American public may be dumb and easily persuaded.  A comment heard from all news sources is, give them a day or two and they will forget.  If that is truly the case, it doesn’t matter who gets elected anyway, as long as we are being told our interests are being served.

Just look at the call letters of the news source and we know what the slant will be.  In the hands of the media the same story now serves two entirely different purposes. The same story only vaguely resembles itself when passed through the biased broadcasting machinery.  The talking heads, which are themselves told what to say, by some mysterious source, think the public doesn’t know what’s going on, and will believe whatever they are told.  There may be some truth to that.  When a story is released the public opinion polls will reflect that story.  Sadly, mud works, whether based on truth or lie.  We could wish it where not so, but it is.

If campaigning gets any worse, the winner might escape jail, but the loser will surly end up serving time for his/her misdeeds of the past.The question remains, why would anyone put themselves through the hell of a presidential campaign?  For most candidates, it will cost them money, their respect, and  their future peace of mind, since they have to live with all the dirt dug up on them.  Why would anyone do that?  There has to be a reason.  I suppose most candidates will say, it’s because I want to help people.  Helping people then means whatever the candidate wants it to mean, which has proven to be okay in the long run.  America has survived and prospered.

It would be nice if the news media reported the news instead of telling us what to think.  It will be nice to wake up the day after the election and get on with ours lives.  The mud will dry.  The defeated gladiator will live, and the Republic will  survive.  The inaugural party should be redefined as the celebration that it’s over for four years.







I am going to describe how to die in one easy step.  I have not created this method. nor have I perfected it.  I do guarantee it as being fool-proof.  It can be painless though, most of the time I suppose it is not.  I don’t know a perfectly painless way to die, and if I did, I don’t think I would share it.  There are too many crazies out there who would probably try it.

What I am going to describe has no color qualifications.  Black, white, and brown have tried it, and it proved successful for them.  Any one color that claims to have cornered the market on this procedure is just wrong.  Altering the evidence to prove anything desired, is not permitted by anyone involved. There is no need for it.  Altering the evidence doesn’t effect how death came, and for what reason it came.  That death came as an understandable outcome of this one easy step is evident no matter if the remaining parties involved twist things to make themselves happy.

What I talking about is police shootings.  The surest way to die is to act suspicious and threatening  in a controlled environment.  You control everything, your environment, your  actions, your attitude, everything.  You, who are about to die, by your own suicide,are forcing others to do it for you.  You are in control.   You could lay down your gun, obey the demands of the police, but no, that would result in your living, not dying.  You want to die so you carefully avoid any activity that would cause you to live.

Why do you want to die?  Is it to prove a point?  What’s the point?  Is it you do not want to be told what to do?  Is it the police have unjustly accused you of something?  A day in court takes care of that,  too high of a price for someone who wants to die.  Is it you are untouchable?  Is it you are too good to be considered possibility wrong?

What is the mysterious reason someone wants to die in such a public way?  It is an important way to die.  Its far more important to die this way than it is to die a nameless victim on some city street.  I don’t know the statistics, but it feels like the ratio is maybe, 5000 to one dying nameless on the street rather than death at the hands of others that have been forced to pull the cord on a life.  Sure some authorities assist suicide too quickly, and must pay the price for that.

Our country is not at fault.  It’s not perfect, but probably the best out there.  A lot of people died to grant freedom to all.  The laws on Liberties’ Books guarantees  our freedom.  I stand in praise of that.  I am sorry for slavery.  I am sorry for WWI,  I’m sorry for WWII,  I’m sorry for the hate that’s in the world today.  I am determined not to join with the haters or hate groups.

I have had my successes and my failures.  I don’t blame anyone for my failures.  I want to live in a peaceful world.  I find it hard to understand people who want to die.  I know that if they want to die the  best way to do it is act suspicious, with a gun or something that feels like a gun, do  opposite to what the police tell you, act in a threatening manner, and your goal to die will be accomplished.







The more things change the more things  stay the same.  Whoever said that first was brilliant, but wrong.  It is more understandable to say, the more things change the more things change.  America is in the chaos of change.  We are not staying the same, that’s the one constant.  In America we have the right to change, or at least speak our minds against whatever, unless it’s against certain things, then it is not alright.  Does that sound like a chaotic mind at work?  I think it does, and what I think has to be correct, unless it is incorrect by the observation and opinion of others.  The definition of chaos can be as simple as opinions are correct except when they are not, the judgement being by opinion.  The rule by opinion is the absolute perfect  formula for destruction, be it the marriage union or the national union of the nation.

The subject of this essay is, WHAT WILL RISE OUT OF THE ASHES OF AMERICA?.  It is not the destruction of the America, but what will rise out of the ashes, that is in question.  There is no easy answer.  There is no one answer.  Rome, the most advanced society the world had known to that point, fell.  It fell because it came apart from within, victim of its own success.  America is a victim of its own success.  The Civil War was fought to bring equality to all, to end slavery.  It was one of the bloodiest wars ever fought.  It worked.  Slavery was abolished in America, not for the whole world, but in America.  Who is happy about that?  Every free person, black, white, brown, is happy about that.  What is the perfect color in America? None.  Who is unhappy with, and disrespectful of ,the very country that paid a terrible price to guarantee the freedom of everyone to pursue happiness?  It is the ones that gained the most.  It is a sad day for any country when the citizens of that country dishonor their country by showing their disgust for that country, before the whole world, by dishonoring the flag that gave them the freedom to be free.  It is sad  when the bondage of hate is chosen and passed on to a generation that has never known slavery.  It is selfishness beyond imagination.

There is a whole generation of little white children, born during or shortly after the depression of the 1930′, who had nothing but tattered clothes to wear, and who worked in the fields for the food on their tables.  They are not the ones disrespecting the flag.  They are not the ones that have been fed hate for  their country.

It is this hate, this disrespect that destroyed Rome from within.  The same pattern is unfolding for America.  It is this attitude that is so corruptive it makes human life almost worthless in the streets of our big cities, not by police, who are becoming powerless, but by the citizens themselves against one another, and against their country.  No, the police are not perfect, but pulling a gun on authority is the surest, quickest way, to commit suicide.  The evidence of imminent destruction of the nation named America is the belief it’s alright to pull a gun on authority, and beyond terrible, when the price is paid.

There are no stable moral boundaries in America.  Do not pray in public.  Forbid the moral laws of life to be posted in public.  Throw the protester on jail.  No, not the ones that protest America, that’s their right.  Throw the ones that stand for a better, more moral America, in jail.  It is not their right to take a public stand for fear of offending anyone.  The obstacles to destruction are being cleared, on by one.  When nothing is left but ashes, a once proud, not perfect, but proud, America will take its place beside Rome in history, not defeated from without, but from within.

This article will be viewed as narrow, conservative and even radical today, by the opinion makers.  The energy and momentum are on the side that America is not a great place, or even a good place.  We are not quite there yet.  The ashes are forming.  Again, the question is, what will rise out of the ashes of America?






It is a favorite pastime of humanity to come up with ways of understanding and explaining  the God concept.  Admittedly, it isn’t an easy task.  It has consumed the time of many great thinkers.  It is a pastime for the rest of us.  It is a pastime in that the average of us accept the God concept without the need to know more.  We handle it by defining God in our own imagine.  We describe Him as we imagine Him to be, careful that He fit our expectations.  That’s the simple reason there are so many imagines of God around.  It’s not that humanity  created God, but we have created specialized ways of describing Him.  To listen to the many explanations offered by the different ideologies is to imagine they are describing different gods.  In the end they are describing one concept differing only in their attempt to understand and describe that concept.  The concept doesn’t change, the descriptions and understanding does.  Is the power in the descriptions and understandings?  Certainly not, it’s in the concept.

Even the atheists have a concept of God.  They may call the concept science.  Their explanation and understanding of science is their process they go through to understand and describe the creative force behind everything.  The conclusion is, we all have a concept of God.  We can’t avoid it.  It’s a part of the fundamental of who we are as a vibrant, exploring, ever developing, observer of all that is, and all that surrounds us.  It’s not that we deny the God concept, it’s just that we fail in our descriptions, and possibly, in our attempts to describe our feelings.

Who does not believe in God?  The atheist, do, the scientist do, the theologians do, the average of us do as well.  As soon as humanity developed a language, the descriptions of God began.  Did God exist before?  Certainly.  God has no limitations other than the limitations that language places on the concept.  Has humanity fully learned, or developed a language suitable to fully describing the God concept?  No, that’s an ongoing project.  Everyday new things are discovered that broaden the God concept, even if the understanding, or language, of those concepts do not keep pace.

Simply stated, the God concept is limited only by the ability of language to express that concept.  The concept is not limited, the ability to express that concept is.  As more of all that is, is discovered the language of expression increases, no matter if the one’s speaking the language aren’t able to fully comprehend the implications of the discoveries.  As we learn, by discoveries, more about the complexities of our universe, and existence, the greater it becomes.   For all of us, no matter the term we use, be in God concept, or science, or whatever, the closer we get, the greater it becomes.  The religious amongst us like to say,  the closer we get to God, the greater He becomes.

Erwin Perzy patented the Snow Globe in 1900.  It is a remarkable little object that owes its existence to Mr. Perzy’s attempt to make a better light bulb.  It is remarkable for what it can teach us.  We hold the globe in our hand and shake it.  The objects within the globe follow set laws as they respond.  The God concept can be expanded to the point that all that is, is in a globe we call universe, in the hand of God, shaken by God, created by God, use your own words, and the everything follows the set law of all things.

For most of humanity, their capacity, their brain, their ability to understand such an enormous concept, (which may not be enormous at all), will not allow them to understand such an enormous God concept, that in no way affects the one holding the globe.

The final conclusion is, we all believe in God, no matter if our language gets in the way of describing that concept.






The voters like Trump, but no one else seems to.  His own Republican Party  establishment are turning over in their graves and they are not even buried yet, though they may be dead, but don’t recognize it yet.  Why do they not like him?  The answer is probably this simple, he isn’t like them.  Trump is different.  He says what he thinks, which is, according to the Republican voters, what they think.  His Party may fear him because he represents a drastic change.  The old Party has become powerless, pushing their own agenda which is to get reelected, making whatever promise necessary, and then doing nothing or less than nothing.

Those candidates who might ride his coat-tail may be far different from the old guard.  Now, that is something to fear by the old guard, which has one of the lowest approval ratings in history.  A revolution may be taking place except for one thing.  Donald Trump is not a politician.  He says what he thinks, and isn’t polished with it.  He will strike back in terminology that leaves nothing to the imagination.  He agues at best, on a tenth grade level.  Call him fat and he will call you fatter.  His opponents in the primary learned this the hard way.  Trump made most of his opposition hate him because their skill level wasn’t that real.  Trump is real, sadly to his detriment,  often saying things about others the average person thinks, but doesn’t have the stage to say.

His honesty may carry him to the White House if he will stop saying stupid things, like he did about the couple that attacked him on the DNC stage.  They were free to attack him, but even the average person knows you can’t fight back without appearing a bully.  If he will let certain things like his own feelings go, his supporters will defend him.  Instead, when he strikes back his supports say,  “Oh no, not again.”

Trump would be a shoo-in if he would stop talking about himself.  Enough already.  Everyone knows he has built great buildings.  If he doesn’t start focusing on issues and obvious short coming of others in the truth department, and failures in economics by others, the electorate will send him back to build more great buildings.  If he is smart enough to understand and accept what others are advising him, he will be a shoo-in.  If not, he will be a shoo-out.

Trump would be a shoo-in if he would listen to his opponent who, in the face of a direct contrary statement, will answer, that’s not the way I hear it, then calmly express  the direct opposite.  It isn’t a lie.  It is worse than that.  It is the assumption that the listener is too dumb to know the difference and will believe anything if something is  offered in exchange, like free everything.

Trump would be a shoo-in if he could understand that everything he said would be twisted.  Reporters say, this may be what he said, but this is what I heard him say, and what I think he meant.  Their interpretation of what he says makes him appear stupid and so dumb that all of his many accomplishments were all by accident.  It wouldn’t be so sad if the commentators didn’t know what they are doing.  Simple misunderstanding can happen, but the twist they are putting to everything is grade school level.

Trump would be a shoo-in, but the have’s are in control while  the have not’s are baited with an apple on a string always just out of reach.  He might win if he would promise to bring the apple a little closer.  It is being promised by the opposition party, and will probably rule the day. The have not’s want that apple, feeling they deserve it.   The apple will never be caught.  That would ruin everything.








This subject can be taken as a proclamation or a question.  It has nothing to do with reality, but everything to do with perception.  The real question is, how can perception vary so much from person to person.  Age can be a factor.  Children do not see the world as adults do.  Millennials don’t see through the same eyes as the baby boomers who are beginning to understand the world of the old codgers. The older generation has come to understand the more things change the more they stay the same.  Whoever said that first understood the unpredictability of change and the fear it can generate in the most vulnerable.

Bias can be a factor in perception.  It can be the biggest factor in any decision-making process.  I would go so far as to say it is the biggest factor in decision-making on the national stage.  It has to be, because bias is the basis for most, if not all, individual decision-making.  Decision making from a bias can rightly be called the human way, founded in the genetics of self-preservation.  No way to avoid it, that’s who we are.  Let’s just face it, that’s how we got to where we are.  No species could long exist putting other species first.  Extinction would happen quickly.  It would be like the politician who didn’t vote for himself.  When the votes were counted he had no votes, not even from his wife.  If he wasn’t biased in  his own favor and ideas, why should anyone else be?  Based on that assumption, the party with the greatest bias is the stronger party.  That’s one reason, in a democracy, the party in power for at least eight years, has such a hard time staying in power.  They came to power on a strong bias, which over time had some flaws.  The flaws weaken the power of the bias, while the other party, with new stronger bias, sweeps in on the weakness of the older party.  This pattern never fails, it’s based on human nature and the genetics of survival.

Ignorance is a dominate force in perception.  It’s not the dominate force, but it is a force.  Ignorance is based on lack of knowledge of the facts.  The facts may be generally known, but understanding the implications is another matter.  Looking at facts through bias is distortion perfected.  Health care is a perfect example of distortion by bias.  Everyone  wants free health care.  No one should die from inability to afford health care.   If it is put on a national ballot the vote will always be for free care.  The have not’s will vote as a block.  The haves will be split, thus assuring passage.  The idea is free health care.  The reality is someone must pay.  Ignorance would suggest if the government pays for it it’s free.  The truth is, nothing is free.

Whoever makes the biggest promises gets the most votes, that’s elections based on bias.  Can that be changed?  No, bias is the one constant.  Every election in a democracy is based on the bias of   believability.  We are soon going to know which of our candidates is the most believable.  That will be a concrete coming from an abstract.  The concrete is the results based on our bias which is the abstract.





Now, I’m upset.  The second night of the DNC black mothers were put on display to share their emotions over losing children in police confrontations.  I am upset because the raw emotions that were stirred will encourage any borderline insane to act out against the police.  This display was done for the sake of votes.  Nothing constructive or healing was accomplished.  Unity doesn’t seem to have been the goal.  Division against others is the results whether intended or not.  If it was intended it a disgraceful thing to do.  If it was not intended then it is ignorance of the highest level.

Any party, RNC or DNC, that would stoop to this level would do anything for votes.  I am an independent, voting for the person or cause I identify with.  I support our law enforcers and do not identify with anything that puts their lives in more danger.  I feel the mother’s pain over losing their children to violence no matter if it is with the law enforcers or others.  Attacking law enforcers is not the answer.  Attacking the issues that are causing the confrontations is the answer.

I always told my children if they were stopped by the police do not argue with them.  Take the ticket and let the judge decide.  I understand there is distrust of the system for some groups.  I also understand that American is in a revolution to make life fair and equal for all.  I know progress is being made, though it may not be as fast as all would like.

I will say to all children and adults, white, black or brown, until we become a perfect world, DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE LAW ENFORCERS.  Take the ticket and let the judge decide.  Law enforcers are sworn to up hold the law, and they will do it.  Their decisions will not always be perfect, that’s what judges are for.  Confrontations will always end badly.  The law will, and must, prevail.  Fighting with law enforcers can have serious consequences for all involved.

It is a mistake to think this is a color issue.  It is not.  It is a law issue.  My wife was stopped recently for a tail light out.  She didn’t know it was out and got upset.  When the patrolman wrote her a ticket she felt discriminated against and got louder.  She called me wanting to know what to do.  I heard the policeman say, if you don’t calm down I am going to take you to jail.  I got stern and told my wife to shut up, calm down, and take the ticket.  We will let the judge decide.  She calmed down and took the ticket.  Later, the judge dismissed the case when we showed proof the tail light was fixed.  This little white lady almost went to jail because she didn’t feel guilty.  After she calmed down, she understood the patrolman was just doing the job he was sworn to do.

I feel the pain of the mothers who have lost children to violence.  I will not exploit their pain for my own benefit.  Rather, I would encourage them to tell their impressible family, children and adults, to remain calm if stopped by law enforcement, take the ticket and let the judge decide.  In most of the recent tragic cases, white, brown or black, if confrontation with the law enforcers had been avoided the mothers would not be grieving over the death of a loved one.  The law must be obeyed and supported.  No one is above the law, white, black or brown, not even the little white ladies.






Maybe we haven’t done everything there is to do in politics, but we have done a lot in the last few years.  In recent years we elected an actor, and now believe he was one of the best Presidents ever.  We elected a clothing store operator, and he did pretty good as we look back on him.  He had one big failure.  He came into the office a poor man and left the office the same way.  He was either stupid or good.  Most judge him as good and honest, and I suppose a few judge him as a little ignorant for not taking advantage of lucrative opportunities.  The sign on his oval office desk read, “The Buck Stops Here.”  He obviously wasn’t taking about the kind that spends and brings comfort to weary bones.  He seems to have been motivated by something mysterious inside of him.   He seems to have been a man of wisdom, or some might say, lack of, that enabled him to walk the fine line between getting it  done, and/or getting it done to him.

Anyway, who would want to repeat what he did?  It has been done.  He seems to have been a good honest man more interested in lining the pockets of America than his own.   No need to worry, that pattern  doesn’t seem in danger of being repeated anytime soon.

There is nothing new about electing  people who are ambitious and smart.  We have done that over and over and should not be surprised when they accumulate enough funds to underwrite the building of their own battleship.  They know how to fight and win, even if it is for themselves.

Pigment is no longer a barrier.  We have overcome that.  They, whoever they are, said it couldn’t be done.  We, whoever we are, did it.

For most of America’s history women weren’t allowed to vote.  We have done that, whoever we are, even though in our five-hundred year history that was only a blink ago.  We did it.  What’s next?  Could we elect a female as president?  It hasn’t been officially done even though some strong women have accompanied their husband into that strongest of all chairs.  It would be new if not different.

Is it possible a successful business man, with no professional acting experience, who wasn’t a lawyer, who wasn’t a statesman, who is guided by his own echo,  could be elected?  It is possible.  We, whoever we are, have not done that before.  We have elected a military man or two who comes close to that definition, but in the purest sense we haven’t done that before.

There is one other thing we have not done before that might merit serious consideration, whatever serious consideration is, and that is, put all the major contenders names in a hat and then have a blindfold drawing.  The one rule should be that the party hat would be changed every four years.

The one thing that confounds me is, our founding fathers, who were so brilliant, did not think of this, but then, they couldn’t think of everything.  Some thinking is left up to us, whoever we are.